Cheers to new beginnings!

I know changing something you are used to can be weird.
But sometimes in life you just can't ignore the fact that you have changed internally in so many ways, that what was once comfortable, and felt like home, doesn't make sense anymore.
And that that is called growing up. Evolution.
It takes some adapting. Trial and error, but I have always liked the new beginnings of things.

Today's blog post, and the first here EVER, is about how good it feels to be in peace with change, and of how you shouldn't erase the past, because it made you your wonderful you.

Why I made a new platform for my adventures

I have been living in London for a year now. And boy... what a year.
Life here has tested my mental health, my social skills, my patience, my sense of survival, my curiosity and has also overwhelmed me with new information.

I could hardly write on Doce para o meu Doce because I simply didn't know where to start. 
My ideas were flying everywhere, and emotions were always on the verge of making me bipolar, either wanting to cry or being euphoric about the slightest thing.
But it was all part of learning new lessons. And with them, I have changed. My vision of life has changed... and though for more than 10 months it was more melancolia than anything else, I believe London has turned me into a better person.
So this new me didn't fit in Doce para o meu Doce anymore. 
Kinda like when clothes are too tight and you can hardly walk... or when they are so big you drown in them.
I needed to create my new safe place. And here it is. Off camera, besides who I am at work at Luisa Starling or my other projects. This is me.

I learned it is ok to start fresh, and not a failure

I always knew I wanted to keep blogging. 
Even though I am a photographer, and if you have followed me in the past until now, you probably know I love doing all the things that inspire me, it's when I blog that I really feel at home.
A pause was indeed needed for me to get my shit together, but I would never stop doing this. 

I just simply love it too much.

But my biggest achievement towards blogging happened when I started being good to myself. Thoughts of killing Doce para o meu Doce, and less extreme ones like just changing the way it looked haunted me everyday... but it was when my friends Roberto and Ana asked me "why shouldn't I just start a new one?" that it hit me. 
Yes, why not?
I understood that the feeling of failure haunted me due to social anxiety and pressure that I was putting on myself. Dillemas like"I should be blogging", "it's been too long", "what about those who read me?" were in my head every day, until I had to put an end to it. This was not healthy, or what such a happy thing like blogging should make me feel.
I had to come to peace with the fact that I wasn't ok, so why should I be forcing myself to blog?
It was the time to stop. Absorb life as it was punching and slapping me in the face with no pressure whatsoever, and then, when I felt like it, I would come back. Stronger, wiser, better. 
And that is what I did.
And do you know what? It feels great! And that is all that counts.

The answer is always looking after ourselves

There are many interpretations in the world for failure. And I absolutely hate the word.
So I learned that failure, to me, is simply not being good to myself.
Believe me. Practice being good to yourself a little bit every day (and be sure to know I am not perfect at this... I still struggle a lot and always will) and you'll see how the world will seem better.

I have an example for you:

A month ago I found a lump on my left breast.
I booked a consultation and went to see the doctors. I had a dear friend coming with me because it is recommended by the hospital for obvious reasons, and the goal was to work on my to do list right after.
I had intentions to make it quick and not let it bring me down. Just be strong, and then kick ass at work.
Everything went well, and I am still waiting on final results, but the lesson I learned came right after we got home.
I had some tea, sat with my computer in front of me, and I couldn't begin to edit or write. I was procrastinating like never before, and had another tea, and another.
It was my friend who helped me reach the conclusion that I was feeling like that because I had had a very stressful morning. And that I shouldn't ignore how I was feeling because I had a To Do list to complete.
I even denied it for a while, but then realised she was right.
I was so stressed in that waiting room. A very sweet lady by my side was telling me about how she defeated cancer on her left breast and that now she was there because of the right one.
I remember being covered in sweat while the doctor was examining me, and during the scan too.
I was emotionally exhausted, and wasn't giving it the right credit, just because it had only taken a few hours of my life.
When I came to peace with it, I put my computer aside, we had pizza and watched a movie. I slept for 10 hours, and on the next day I had the most productive day ever.
This is a good way to explain what happened with Doce para o meu Doce, and is now happening with my newest blog.

Doce para o meu Doce will always be one of my biggest achievements in life

Doce para o meu Doce started slowly, mainly as a food blog, and then little by little, as I felt more relaxed about it, it turned into my life journal.
Doce para o meu doce was my best friend. It was a good listener, let me evolve as a person, and brought me a community of inspiring people whom many I consider my closest friends.
I could never EVER erase it, or let it fall behind.
It will remain where it is, as a legacy I've built for myself (and hopefully others), to always remind me of where I come from.
Doce para o meu Doce is a diary of the last 6 years of my life. Probably the 6 years where I have grown the most as a human being and experimentalist.
Reading it keeps me sane, and takes the fog out of my eyes when it comes to where I want my future to take me.
So fear not. It will stay there, and I am sure I will mention it several times, because it is still the journal of my life's adventures, and a reflection of my growth and experiences.

A message to you

Thank you for being so patient.
Knowing you were also there on that side gave me that extra strength to start again.
I will never forget the friendship and community Doce para o meu Doce brought to my life.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Welcome to a new era. 
One that I will work on to always be full of challenges, ups and downs, inspiration, and above all, kindness, love, and honesty.

***Photos by Ania Dymek***


  1. So happy to be able to see you again. ;)
    Luisa Off Camera! Love it!!

  2. Que bom voltar a ter notícias tuas e saber que estás bem!

  3. Obrigada por estares de volta. A casa onde queres existir uma escolha tua.. nós gostamos da Luísa que nos inspira a ser sempre mais e melhor. Um abraço apertado, Catarina