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Do you like the sound of broken bones?

Ahh... nothing like the beginning of a lucha to make my weekend epic!
Are you ready to know another side to 'glamorous and politically correct' London?
Scroll down, keep reading and enjoy the incredible pics of one of my best mates ever!

Introductions first

'Ladies and Gentlemen... Do you like the sound of broken bones?
Do you like the sound of ripped tendons?

*Mentally insert a hardcore soundtrack of your choice here*

Lucha Britannia

Iv'e been in London for about a year and half now (OMG!!!), and I have fallen in love with many things... but Lucha Britannia is by far on my top 3!
It is just that perfect pinch of craziness, where I can laugh, scream my lungs out, punch the ring while chanting things like 'squish the fish', or 'no lucha for you'!
It is just outside Bethnal Green tube station, and under the bridge, in an alley where I probs wouldn't go at night if I didn't know what it was. But the thing is that it all makes sense when together.
This is an alternative side to London that fills my heart with excitement and makes me always come back for more.

About Al Veryard and how Lucha appeared in my life

Al is the man behind all the photos you see on this post. Owner of both brands PUMP and Cuckoo Wedding Photography, he is a bubble of happiness, creativity, talent, and one of my best friends in London.

I met him two years ago on a bus on our way to Snap Photography fest, and when I asked him what he liked doing the most I was mesmerised looking at his Lucha Britannia pics.
Turns out, he was one of the official photographers, dresses himself as a pink bunny (sometimes might get hit in the face by one of the champions) and simply had so much love for this craft.

I remember asking him to one day take me there, and so he did.
I've been going to Lucha for a year now, and I thank him every time for showing me that such a thing exists in a small space under a bridge in Bethnal Green!
As a token of my gratitude for all the kindness and generosity throughout these past two years, I am proud to say I'll be shooting his wedding day sometime next year, where he will marry another of my best friends from London and partner in crime in the Cuckoo brand, Aida.

So what is Lucha Britannia?

You can say it looks like mexican wrestling, but that is just an easy way to talk about it.
Lucha Britannia is so much more.

It is an endless creative and bone cracking soap opera, with talented actors/fighters, with amazing back stories, and also fierce lucha females.

It is very easy to become in love with the characters they develop, specially because there is one for every taste:
From the fearless Rag Doll to the scary Devil, or the intense Peacock, the fabulous pink luchador (my fav!), the talkative Monkey who is actually married to the Frog Lady and so on.
You have the 'medical bitch', the glamazons and the amazing acts that happen in between fights. I've seen from strip tease, to fire shows, to needles on skin, to drag. You name it.

And the presenters are just the cherry on top of what is to be a guaranteed night you won't soon forget.

Come to Lucha! 

It happens every third Friday of the month, so if you are in London, please please please book a ticket, and come join me right in front of the ring!

Enjoy Al's photos!

You are welcome.

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