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Don't just choose me because I take photos

A message to all my future couples

To my future brides and grooms:
Don't just choose me because I take photos.
Choose me because you feel like I understand you, because I understand your love, and because my style and I are the perfect fit to how you want to see and remember your wedding.
I can't wait to meet you, get to know you and your story, what gets you excited, how you met, and how you got engaged.
I want to go nuts with the beautiful ideas you have for your day, and as someone who has helped tell the story of hundreds of amazing weddings, I'd love to offer any help and suggestions I can to make it even more incredible and unique to you!
Are you the ones? I think you are!

(If all that I wrote above gave you the chills, check this link out too! It's a little bit of why I do what I do.
Access password is 'ilikeyoualready')


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