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Happy Valentine's Day!

It started as just a vague idea... but then an actor came into my mind.
I kinda wrote this text for him and lucky for us, he said yes!

We filmed it on a Friday afternoon... It was so much fun and he was SO nervous! But as the crowds started gathering around, we knew we had something going on.

Two days later, we had a custom made soundtrack by my talented husband and it was all launched on Valentine's Day.

3 days later, we were over 1 million views.
6 years later, it is still one of my fav works ever.

The main message is to cherish what you have before it's gone.
Wake up, live, love... TODAY.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Actor: Diogo Lopes
Written by: Me, Joana Pacheco
Revised by: Margarida Vaqueiro Lopes
Filmed by: Me, Duarte Domingos
Video post-production: Me
Audio post-production: Alexandre Pereira
Original soundtrack: Alexandre Pereira
Production: Diffuse studios
Translation and Subtitles: Susana Santos
Special thanks to: Eva Barros, Isa Pinheiro, Susana Santos


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