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I took photos of... Sophie Says

I met Sophie at a very special wedding in Devon about a year ago, and started following her YouTube videos ever since.
We connected through Instagram, shared a few comments and likes and started talking about the possibility of photos which ended up in a fun afternoon in London last week!

Sophie Says

Sophie aspires to work more in TV presenting. She is originally from Plymouth, and living in London for two and a half years now. She has a day job she enjoys, but there is nothing like her YouTube channel to make her happy.
Every Friday she releases a video, and it goes from fashion & beauty, travels, challenges, games and lots more.

Our afternoon

We met at one of my fav Turkish restaurants in Shoreditch (will share a blog post about it soon), and had the most delicious veggie meal while talking about life, dreams and London in general.
One of my fav things to do has always been networking, building bridges and meeting new people, and sharing experiences with Sophie really made my Friday.
She was excited to do the photos, and we had already talked about deciding on a few different looks so that she could have a nice variety of photos to share on her social media whenever she had something new coming up, a new video release, fabulous news, or just because.
But giving her a good variety to choose from would allow her to have brand new content to share for at least 1 to 3 months.
She took the task seriously and appeared with a large suitcase full of fun clothes, and we ended up selecting two lifestyle outfits, one business and one fancy night out.

Fav moments

Lifestyle shoots are always super fun to do, specially when there are outfit changes! It is always an adventure to find where to change, and we run from one place to another for brand new atmospheres.
I loved that Sophie brought not only really cool outfits but also props like confetti that we could use to spice up her content.

Then, it's all about going with my crazy ideas, like sitting on sidewalks, or crossing the road doing little 'Carry Bradshaw' jumps (posing in the middle of the road too), dancing in the street to a music that is only in her head.

Days like this are also great for me to test ideas that have been going on in my head for ages, to finally get to shoot in areas I had scouted before and to just have a more relaxed and outside-the-wedding vibe day, which also feels like a breath of fresh air to me.

I even suggested her to try out my vintage thrifted fluffy coat, which she did, and we ended up having her looking so glamorous on the streets of alternative and cool Shoreditch.
I loved learning that Sophie is an adventurer and up for trying new things.

Shoreditch is also one of my absolute fav places to take photos at. The vibe, the street art, the cafes make up for that perfect London feel.
I did discover some new awesome backgrounds that I'd like to go back to and shoot some more.

Sneak peek time!

I absolutely love the final result! Sophie is so much fun and open to new things.
Hopefully we'll get to try it again soon, and who knows, maybe this will also attract more fun creatives, influencers and content creators. I would for sure love to work with London's amazing artists.
Work days like this Friday afternoon make my day.



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