New looks

Ever since I shaved my head I've been thinking the usual 'now what'? 

I've always been good with my hair, but I had never had it so short in my life. So I have to confess that over the past year, there was a huge downward spiral in my self-esteem, specially because I still had to find out who I now was.

On cutting my locks and the afterwards feels

I will never EVER EVER regret having had my head shaved for love (one of my best friends was going through chemo and I felt like it was my ultimate act of friendship), and this was a moment I knew would come after doing it. 
Now that she is recovered (YAY!), we are trying to figure out what to do with our almost-impossible-to-tame hairs, but I now, after a year, feel like I've grown to love it short.

So while wildly letting it grow into what I called my LEGO hair phase, I started searching and felt like I could rock a pixie cut. And who better to do it than Nuno de Oliveira? My friend for 10 years and hairstylist to the stars who always understands what I need.

I now feel like I am finally myself again, but need to confess, I have thought about shaving it all over again, because at first it came with incredibly sad news about my friend, then, the shock of not knowing what to expect and not having prepared myself whatsoever for any of it... 
Now, I feel so strong about it, and look back at my photos and actually think it looked good on me!

This shoot

The photos you see here today are a celebration of having found myself again. Not just because I got a haircut, but because the last year was an intense and crazy one.
I felt so scared and afraid for my friend, I stopped some of my dearest projects due to depression, I was all by myself in a new city, husband on the other side of the planet, kitties with my mum and dad, having to start and grow my business all over again, and the list goes on.
This shoot means a whole new me, that was even happy to start blogging again.
This shoot celebrates feeling good in my skin, the end of diets and trying too hard to look a certain way.
It also celebrates the things I love, like the world of Harry Potter, which I am not ashamed to show (if you tell me from what HP book and moment my t-shirt is about, you are awesome!).
It celebrates someone who is stronger and knows what she wants.

I also need to thank Cheias de Graça, for meeting me in Lisbon on one of its coldest days and help me celebrate the phase I am in. I absolutely love my photos and am currently working on switching all of my profile pics every where on social media.
They are the sweetest things and I know awesome things are coming their way!
I missed doing these style posts. More to come soon!
Meep meep!

Harry Potter T-shirt: Primark
Coat: Thrifted in Amsterdam
Super High-waisted Jeans: Zara


  1. Luisa que bom que tenhas voltado a escrever! Já acompanhava o Doce para o meu Doce há alguns anos e agora já estou aqui caída a ler tudo de uma ponta à outra! Adoro o teu trabalho, a tua forma de mostrares sempre o estado mais natural das pessoas em fotos lindas e agora as partilhas que fazes por aqui. Acho que ficas linda com o cabelo assim e quanto à camisola ahah é brutal! Harry Potter e o Cálice de Fogo e são os crachás de apoio ao Cedric que estavam a tentar ser mudados para ser de apoio ao Harry, mas a coisa correu mal... �� um beijinho

    1. On point! Isso mesmo!! hahaha <3 <3
      Obrigada pelo carinho. um beijinho muito forte!