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Niche and Twitter Creator Day: #CD2018

Every time I go to a Niche/Twitter event my head explodes with ideas.
Sometimes I can't even hear myself think with all the craziness and inspiration that comes from hearing the speakers, networking, from all the fun they set up for the day, and of course, being at the Twitter headquarters in London, which absolutely blows my mind.

By the way, all photos were done with my iPhone, so don't judge. I felt like enjoying it, and when I bring my camera it feels more like work than anything else.

What is Niche

Niche is a startup founded in June 2013 that manages social media stars.
The company helps its users and influencers managing their various social media accounts, but the biggest thing about it is the 'pairing' between them and brands they can work for and use their talented skills. So the stars get to monetize their followings, and the brands get authenticity from the stars that shill for them.
Niche gives the social influencers the opportunity to grow, activate and understand their social presence and focuses on making them:
  • Work with industry leading brands on a campaign-by-campaign basis
  • Attend exclusive meet-up’s / events with creators from all over the world
  • Access analytics across all of your major social networks
Pretty cool, huh?

What happened on Creator Day #CD2018

I have to say that my brain gets really exhausted after a Niche event. Happy exhausted though! But it's so much information, so many amazing people, that I always need a day or two to digest it, follow everyone who made a diference and who touched my heart. 
Still, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Just to mention a little bit of what happened, we got to visit Twitter's headquarters (that totally makes me want to quit everything again and go work at a place like that! hahaha), we got to know where Niche is at the present moment, who the team is and what it has been doing for its social media content creators, we got to hear inspiring people talk about their experiences and what they do, we had all the fun, and most of all: we NETWORKED.

Here is the lineup:
- A panel looking back at what Christine Sydelko, Roman Kemp, Munroe Bergdorf felt were the Biggest Moments of 2017 moderated by Alice Beverton-Palmer, Twitter Entertainment.
- James Glynn, Twitter Moments, were joined by Tom Harlockand journalists Mollie Goodfellow and Justin Myers to uncover Fantastic Tweets and Where to Find Them (I mean, this tittle is LIFE!). 
- In the afternoon the focus was on 'How to Grow and Nurture your social channel' featuring established creators, Em Ford, Joe Tasker and Carly Rowena.
- The day ended with a discussion on 'The New Normal' with champions for change, Riyadh Khalaf, Felicity Hayward and Jana Vlogs.

Can't wait for the next one!

Thanks Niche and Twitter for another really amazing event! Hopefully one day I'll be able to work with you on exciting things!

On our way home, we asked if we could bring one of the balloons home, and we were told 'yes', so now try to picture me on the tube and bus for about 40 minutes. I regretted asking for it, but my flatmates love it so much that it is hanging around in our kitchen still!


I need to leave an ultimate thank you to Lauren, aka Deadly Knitshade, who invites me to these every time! 
You are a source of inspiration to me in so many ways, and I am proud to have you as one of my best friends.


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