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Today we officially launch!

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for visiting Luisa Off Camera!
I am really delighted to be back into the blogging world, and boy, do I have things to tell you!

I hope you enjoy this new space, and please have patience while I keep you on track of my latest adventures and lessons and edit all the photos.
Setting up a new platform takes time, and I have been investing the last two months on making everything look nice for you here :)
I'm not going to lie, I've wanted to throw my mac onto a wall a few times, but then I wouldn't have a computer to write you on. hahaha!

I just really wanted you to know I am back for good!
For more info on what Luisa Off Camera is all about, please go here.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support, emails and messages throughout this past year.
I've wanted to be back, but I needed to stop until the right time.

I love you all.
Yes, you all! Even those of you who read me from Ho Chi Minh! I see you on my analytics page and I think you are awesome! (I wonder how you've found me!)

All the love,

(Thank you for my photos, Cheias de Graça!)

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  1. Querida, que blog maravilhoso! Vou te seguir aqui também <3 Vamos marcar de nos encontrar? Um beijo grande! Sha