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Here is what to see in Brick Lane!

Brick Lane is one of our fav areas in London. 
It is young and alternative. You get the artist-y vibe, and everywhere you look there is a gallery, a vintage store, a record store, markets, the cutest cafes and a huge mix of cultures.

It's hard to even believe this was once considered a London slum (and it's actually where some of the Jack the Ripper's murders happened).

But times have changed, and Brick Lane is a boost of creativity and feell good vibes, and if we could afford it, it's definitely where we'd live in London.
So with that in mind, we thought of celebrating it, and going outside on one of the coldest days this city has felt this year, and do some shots of us in the snow.

Thanks João, for giving us this memory. Brick Lane will always have a special place in our hearts, and this post is to honour it!

Scroll down for more photos and tips for when visiting this area!

The famous Brick Lane market

This is one of our fav things to do on a Sunday in Brick Lane.
All the most delicious and really affordable street food, all the vintage clothes and jewellery, the veggies, the cakes, the vibe.
You always find something incredible here, and there are surprises around every corner. 
Like the guy who plays drums inside his little white van, with all doors open, and all the street entertainers who are also amazing artists.

The market hours are from 10am to 5pm (The rest of the shops are open pretty much every day)
Address: Brick Lane, Shoreditch, E1 6QL

Fav for food and drink

  • Cereal Killer Café
I am a true cereal lover, and there for, a cereal killer too! 
Just think about this: all the different types of cereal in the world, all the types of milk there is (including vegan, my fav), and you can make your own cereal bowls! eeek!

  • Bagel Bake
This is the most famous bagel shop in Brick Lane and it never disappoints!
They are open 24 hours, and besides the meat and mustard famous, my fav is the rainbow bagel, with all the colours and that I combine with only vegetarian ingredients.

  • 1001 Cafe
The cakes are delicious, and the area where it is located is not only beautiful but full of people and movement.
What I actually love the most about it, is how it looks inside. So vintage and alternative, and with great big windows on the second floor. Perfect for shoots too, of course! ;)
  • Yumchaa
My bff Lauren took me to Yumchaa for the first time last year and I loved everything about it. The atmosphere, the cakes (for all types of dietary requirements) and of course, the tea! Please make sure you try 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'. OMG, just thinking about it I want one.

Fav shops

  • Rough Trade East

All the albums in the world (or really almost all of them) are in there.
They also do concerts inside and they even have one of those photomaton booths! It's a must-do every time we pass in front of it.

  • Tatty Devine

This is one of my fav jewellery places at the moment. From elaborate necklaces that are cut in the shape of a T-rex, to just printing a word you love and wear it around your neck, this is an explosion of color (and sometimes glitter) every one should go to!

The Brick Lane Street art

If you love street art, this is one of the go-to areas in London. You can seriously spend an entire afternoon just looking at walls. Even Banksy left a little bit of him there, amongst other artists.
And the best part is that it is changing constantly, so you can always go back for more.

For wedding photographers like me, and who are looking into doing something more alternative, you will never get bored with the backgrounds, or just any of the architecture, and of course, all the brick walls!

I found a video online that pictures it quite well! Scroll down to see it.

I hope you liked my tips!

I promise to take photos of these places for future posts, and if you are far away from London, maybe you'll feel like you are there with me too. Like in the Netflix Series 'Sense8'! haha!

And do follow João Almeida to check out more of his photography work too!

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  1. Definitely going to visit Brick Lane next time I stop by London! Loved the tips, Lu! Big kiss*