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Our Iceland trip

What can one say about Iceland?
It had been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and it didn't disappoint.

What a trip!

From the amazing landscapes, to the blocks of ice, the black sands and the never really getting dark at night... This trip was incredibly amazing, absolutely unforgettable and done in the best of companies.
I didn't get to go to the airplane wreck like I wanted to, but I guess that just means I need to come back again soon! Which might happen really really soon! 
Won't tell you more because I don't want to jinx it!

When being exhausted gives you weird experiences

One of the most curious things I can tell you is, that I had an "out of the body" experience for the first time.
I was exhausted for not having had the chance to sleep the night before our flight because I had just shot a wedding in Portugal, and then the intensity of the first 3 days in Iceland with pretty much 7 to 8 hours of driving through the North got my brain totally confused.
By the end of day 3, we were driving down the east of the island, listening to Sigur Rós (what else?) and the landscape, the midst, my tiredness, made me see myself from outside the car window. Does this even make sense? hahaaa!
It's like the day I saw someone's aura for the first time, and I never really believed these things, but I was also on the same level of tired.

I'll try to guess the lottery the next time I feel like this. Promise!

Enjoy the photos!

For now, here is a sneak peek. All shot with my tiny Fujifilm X-T1. 
I also did 3 batches of film with my Nikon FE, but haven't sent those to develop yet (shame).

On a last note, thank you my lovely husband, for driving and taking care of me, and thank you Dudu and Vera, for always being the best travel friends, for all our silliness, Catan games, and for putting up with me in a stage of my life when I clearly am not as energetic as before.

I love you with all my heart.

Love, Lu*








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