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Farewell, loverboy

Elly Lucas is this absolute inspiring ray of light, with the most gorgeous voice and incredible talent to capture emotions.
Aaaaand... she is also the most amazing human to take photos of.
Her workshop at Snap was one of my very favourites, and I do use some of her exercises to get inspired... This is also where her photos were shot, at West Lexham beach.
The day was grey with some rays of light shining through, and it was so windy at times I thought I was going to fly!
But so worth it.

Farewell, Loverboy inspiration

Taking these photos os Elly reminded me of Fado, the traditional Portuguese type of music.
It often talks about love, loss, missing loved ones, nostalgia... and that's how it all developed in my head.
Like a dance of longing for someone you no longer have, but wish you could hug one last time.

The mood/editing

Today I bought Pablo Beglez Meridian PBX Presets and I've been playing around with them in between editing and emails.
I had been looking at them for quite some time, but never had had the guts to just actually purchase them.
Here I used PBX 04, played with exposure and added grain to make it look more like a scan.
I have to say... I ADORE them. Well done, Pablo!

Have a beautiful day!


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