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The songs that get me into Wedding editing mode

Do you know that feeling when you are listening to a song that is the perfect match soundtrack to what you are seeing or living?

That feeling that gives you goosebumps and a chill down your spine? When suddenly the planets are aligned and things JUST MAKE SENSE?
That's what I get when I listen to love songs while editing. Not with all of them, of course, but with a good portion. 
That's why I started an Editing Soundtrack playlist on Spotify.

Adding my first fav songs

As I was getting that 'eeeek' feeling while listening to a song and editing at the same time, I'd add that tune to my playlist.
It started slowly, with some Bon Iver, and then the songs Vanessa and Ivo chose for my own wedding video, then the choices Hugo Sousa uses when he works for my couples, then I'd let the app use the algorithm and suggest others, and now I can't live without them when I'm working.
Not only does this playlist get me into the perfect work mood, as sometimes I get way deeeeeeeep in it and find myself with a weird smile gazing at the screen (or even crying while editing).

My personal exercise

Editing someone's story is not a thing to play with.
My couples invested their time, love and money to have me on their wedding day, so I always honor that by:
1. being my absolute best before the big day, when we are sharing emails or through skype calls, when I am giving them advice and vendors, and when I am learning everything they have planned,
2. during the day, always being there for them, either helping in whatever they need or by just being a ninja, 
3. and after, during the treatment I give to their memories.

So when I sit down to edit, I have tea (lot's of it), my cats are by my side (you can see that thoroughly on my instastories!) and I press play.
The music starts playing when I am culling the photos (culling means selecting the best of the best before editing). 

This is where I start re-living their day. 
Many memories come to my mind as go through each one of the photos, like things that happened, talks I had with the couple, or with the bridesmais, the friends or the parents.

As I go through them, I start getting excited and really finally seeing everything I shot. 
Not that I don't have an idea, but if you are a wedding photographer, you know that the day goes by even faster for you than it does for the couple. 
You know you shot everything that was 'mandatory' for you to not miss, but even when that was done, you NEVER STOPPED SHOOTING! 

All the emotions, everything that was happening in the various spaces of the wedding...

As wedding photographers we compromise to not only take beautiful photos of the bride and groom and their closest ones but to also become their second pair of eyes on the day. 

So it is when I start culling that the story starts unfolding in front of my eyes, and I get a first real picture of what I am going to deliver.

After all is culled, I pause, go for a walk, let it sit for a day or two.
After that, I take a deep breath press play again, and then dive into editing.

The music never stops playing for as long as I edit. And when the playlist ends, I can either start again, or let spotify suggest me other options. If I like them, I'll just add more.
This became such a huge part of my editing life that it's just not natural to me to edit without music. 

The love just grows even bigger.

On a side note: Would you like me to do a video explaining the program I use for fast culling and how I select the photos I'll deliver? Do let me know, as I could turn it into a post!

Sharing it with you

My playlist is still a work in progress, but do the test. See if it works for you too.

Just press play and maybe edit some love work you are working on.
I hope it helps you as much as it helps me!

If you liked it, and it made sense to you, maybe I can share the landscape editing playlist as well in the near future?
Do let me know!

Enjoy your editing editing!
Fall in love!


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