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On Veganuary and going vegan

January arrived and along with, a lot of changes in my life, once again.

Me and my husband finally moved into a home of our own for the first time since we’ve moved to London and I am still so excited about it. 
I can’t really complain about having shared homes when I compare our life’s experience to other horror stories you hear in London: terrible flatmates, the unclean state of the shared areas, people bringing in unknown friends under our roof where we keep our stuff. Nope, my experience luckily was very good.

I moved into London to live with my husband and a friend who became one of my greatest ’sisters' in life, and we respected each other’s space and kept shared areas as clean as ever. After that, we moved into a bigger flat where at the end we were 6 people, but all good humans, having had just minor disagreements like you would in a house with 6 independent brains.

But now, in a brand new flat (like, really brand new!!), and the perspective of a brand new begining, I can’t help but to wonder about our new traditions, our new house rules, how we are going to do our decor (everything is still in boxes!), what products we’ll buy, how our fridge really will finally be meat and fish free, and how conscious of the planet we can be, now that we are only two.

From vegetarian to vegan

I’ve been a vegetarian for 6 years, and it wasn’t hard to transition really. Ever since I decided I was done with meat and fish, I never looked back or missed any.

I remember it all started after one of my trips to the Azores islands (and this is when non vegetarians will start rolling their eyes), when this cow came really close to me. I felt a bit of fear, not going to lie, but she just came close enough so that I could really look into her eyes. I remember it so well. Love just struck me so high that my life forever changed. On that day, I told my friends I’d never eat meat again in my life, and 6 years later, here I am.

At the time, I wrote this blog post on Doce para o meu Doce, and I was so proud of it… but I need to confess something: I was afraid of the thoughts people (especially my friends and family) were going to have towards me. So I wrote it in a light way. Still very true, but I wanted it to not make anyone feel guilty about their life choices on what they put in their mouths.

I’ve always loved the idea of veganism, though. It fascinated me how some people could go from just not eating animals to actually changing their lifestyle, say no to any other animal product, and be there for those who can't defend themselves while still contributing to a better planet. 
I always said ‘that’s great, but I don’t think it's possible to live that "extremist" kind of life. The society we live in isn’t ready for it yet, unless I go full on hippie and live in a farm’. 

Truth is, I was so wrong. 

And for the past year, I’ve been reading more and more into it, my values match veganism's values, and it just makes total sense to me right now at this stage of my life, to finally give it a try and go vegan.

January brought Veganuary

The beginning of a new year has always set people to think of new life goals and things they want to change or start anew. 
So in that sense, and wanting to make a huge change myself but not knowing exactly where to gather the information I needed, I found out there is this thing called Veganuary, where you can choose to try being a vegan for the month of January along with hundreds of thousands of other people, and have access to all this new information, help, recipes, nutrition explanations, and above all, access to the real world of what is being done to animals.

I’ve been a vegan for a week now and so far so good. I miss nothing, and I am so happy with my decision, and so guilt free.
I feel empowered and like I am being a part of something really special and bigger than myself.
I have to thank a few vegan instagram pages for it too, like @vegansoflndn and @weareveganuary for keeping me on my track into WHY I am doing this, and Vegan Food and Living magazine (@veganfoodandliving) for making it so easy, creative and DELICIOUS to cook without animal products.

What has changed so far:

Moving into a new home was also a great motivation to try being a vegan. It’s all about ‘A new start’, and I’ve always been driven by drastic changes… ‘Go big or Go home', in other words.

I had a big talk with my husband, and him being conscious about the planet, not a fully-on vegetarian but pretty supportive, agreed with me on Veganuary, especially at home (YAY! I love you, you wonderful man!).

So here are a few things we’ve agreed on in our household:
  • Our fridge
No meat, fish or other animal product is to enter our home during January. That includes eggs, butter, milk (but we already had made that change a long time ago), yoghurt, etc.
And you know what? Our fridge looks more beautiful than ever. Like a garden, really.

  • Our meals
I am going fully Vegan this month, at home and outside. Miguel agreed with being a vegan at home, but vegetarian outside, so if he feels the crave for eggs or whatever it is, he can still go for it.

  • Home cooked meals when away for work
I will cook all my meals at home and bring them to work. Not only to save money but so that I am also sure I know where things come from and what I am eating.
I bought only glass containers (no more plastic!), and a toolkit from Bright Zine. My auntie also gave me an all wooden one for Christmas, so I’ll balance between both.

  • My makeup
All make up I purchase from now on will be vegan. I was already doing it, but felt like I didn’t have enough information on it, so in that sense, I subscribed to ‘Kinder Beauty box’. 
Not only are all products vegan and I can learn more about brands I had no idea existed, as part of the profits go into animal shelters!
As a bonus, one of the brand makers is the actress that played Luna Lovegood on all my dear Harry Potter films. Blog post about it coming soon, as soon as I get my first box. Very excited.

  • Our more conscious use of paper
All our loo roll, kitchen roll, 'kleenex' tissues now come from ‘Who gives a crap’. 
They are either bamboo sourced which is far more eco-friendly than paper, as they can also come from recycled newspapers. Half of the profits go to help build toilets in 3rd world countries. 
There is a blog post coming up about it, but when you think that more people in the world have access to cellphones than toilets, it really puts things into perspective, right?

  • Bathroom things
Our toothbrushes are made of bamboo, our toothpaste is organic, as well as our mouth wash. Our hand soap is organic handmade, and our shampoos and body wash are also transitioning to vegan.
I still need to find a good deodorant that I can get used to, because I am very self conscious about the fact that I sweat a lot, and body odour is something I am a bit of a freak about. 
I use one with no alcohol or aluminium, but need an organic one. Any advice on this is welcome!

  • Using heating
Our building being new is really well built, so it keeps the heat inside like I’ve never experienced in a London home before. We haven’t used heating so far, and we intend to keep on not using it.

  • My clothes
This one will take some time until the changes are fully made, but in my conscious decision, I will wear out the things I own and nothing made out of animals or that harms the planet will be purchased again.
After extensive research, there are so many good (and beautiful) choices out there, that it makes no sense to me to buy leather shoes again, or anything else of that matter.

Just writing this makes me so excited about the year ahead!
And so, that is my main goal for this year.

We’ll see how it goes.
Happy new year and happy Veganuary!


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