Career champions

During lockdown I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Lucia Margarida Pestana.

I met her during one of many jobs I've done in London, and while we talked of all the things I had done already, in Lisbon and in London, she called me a 'Career Champion'.

I didn't know what to say. I don't see myself as a champion of things... but the idea of reminiscing in my past jobs made excited... and actually brought me back into thinking of coming back here.

It was a few months ago, I know, but it takes courage to fight my feeling of shame for having left Doce para o meu Doce to die, wherever it is in the world of the internet... 

And to have also left Luisa Off Camera without ant news for more than a year. So much has happened. So much has changed. I have changed dramatically, but I believe I changed into a much better human.

I have decided to not be apologetic when all I did was to take care of my healing heart. My absence has been all about self-care and many long nights thinking if this was really what I wanted to do again.

I confess that I don't know yet, but damn... it does feel good to write. So who knows?

Love, Lu


  1. Que bom ter notícias tuas! Tanta coisa aconteceu desde o doce para o meu doce... Que bom ver-te bem. Beijos

  2. Oh! Obrigada querida. É mesmo... uma mudança 360, mas ainda a mesma menina :)