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Creative Mornings LX - Is multipotentiality the key for happiness?


I was so honoured to have been a speaker guest for Creative Mornings Lisbon last month. 
What an experience!

On this day, I talked about the different jobs I've had in life, and how they're all interconnected into fulfilling my love for travel and creativity.

Of course, none of this makes sense without talking about Emilie Wapnick's Multipotentialite concept and how it changed my life.

I also talked about lockdown on my own in London after my divorce, my ongoing creative projects and my tips to stay afloat and positive during times like these.

I am very grateful for Rafaela Mota Lemos who made the official invitation and accompanied me while I stressed and impostor syndromed the hell out of the prep.

Thank you Creative Mornings Lisbon for having me, and thank you to all of you who grabbed a ticket and tuned in to hear me speak.

Also, thank you to all of you who had a kind work to say about me by the end of the talk. 
I felt very loved and it reminded me of the amazing loving community that blogging hardcore in the past has given me.

It is a slow come back, but little by little, as I adapt to my new life and reality, I feel the mojo appearing.

Love, Lu*


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