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100 Londoners you need to meet episode 001 - Abigail from M&H Cake Company

Episode 001 went live on January 4th 2021.

It featured Abigail from M+H Cake Company, and wow, she is a FORCE of nature!

23 year old Abigail is making the world a sweeter place one bite at a time.

School librarian turned cake designer, she never says 'no' to hard work. 

Abi saw the the first lockdown of 2020 in London become her big launch into stardom with her delicious cake tubs.

As with many small businesses, the cake tubs began being sold to friends and family, but that bubble was just too small! Coming from North to South, East to West, requests for cake tubs started arriving and knowing some clients myself, I was told that the day the cake tubs arrived would be the happiest day of their week. 

This is what got me to want to meet Abi. Who was this girl, growing a business in the midst of a pandemic?

During the second London lockdown, we set up a ZOOM call and we talked about her being a black girl in an industry that is mainly dominated by white middle class women; we talked about the time, learning and skill investment it takes to get great at what she does; and the support from her family as orders grew.

We also talked about how she shares her experiences and learning process on social media in the hopes of inspiring other girls like her to take action, and how she stays humble.

We also explored her faith, plans for the future and causes she cares for.

A wonderful soul, and a Londoner you need to meet.

Catch Abigail and her adventures at:



100 Londoners you need to meet presented by Luisa Starling

Produced by Luisa Starling

Platform used was ZOOM

Music by my musician friend Tobel Lopes 


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