About Luisa

I am Luisa, a full-time dreamer, blogger and destination photographer.

I am originally Portuguese, from Lisbon, but I see myself more like a citizen from everywhere in the world. 
I currently spend most of my time in London where I share a flat in the North West area with my husband and our two cats.

I am a feminist all the way, and there is nothing I love more than seeing powerful, determined, smart women succeeding in whatever their passion is. I believe all girls are beautiful and I get very angry at body shaming or when ladies don't help each other out.

When I am not shooting weddings here and there, or flying, I read books, binge watch Netflix series, go to alternative underground mexican wrestling, take my cats for a walk in the park (on a leash, yes) and I also play Quidditch at the London Unspeakables team! I've always had a passion for all things Harry Potter (Ravenclaw here!), and I wear many Potter related outfits.

In the end, I aspire to always live a creative life, doing all things I love and never specialising in any. Some say I am a mess, but I see myself as a multipotentialite and am very proud of it.

Having you here makes me very excited! If you'd like to learn more on what this blog is all about, check the 'New Reader?' page.

[About me photo and the one above by the very talented team of Menina e Moça]