New Reader?

Welcome to Luisa off Camera!

I am Luisa, a destination wedding photographer from London who besides taking photos of everything love and inspiring, am also very passionate about blogging away my life's challenges, projects and interests.

If you really really REALLY are a new reader, I need to give you some context:
My blogging adventures began in 2010, when out of a big dream I created the Doce para o meu Doce blog.
It still exists in the internet world, you can read it with your own eye balls, but I do not write on it anymore.
After my first year in London, and due to growing up at a fast-paced-speed (of light!), I felt like it was time to start over, leave Doce para o meu Doce as a life archive and start fresh.

So here we are!

How different are the two blogs, then?

Well, they are not that different in their core, categories and interests... But this is a much better version, a more mature one.

So what are all the things you talk about in this blog?

This is my fav part!

I mainly write about being a small business owner in London, with all its challenges, good days and bad days, as a way to inspire others to follow their dreams and create a life they love, while still sharing some of my personal life.
I believe we are the happiest when we fulfil our true self, and as a Multipotentialite, I really am only happy when I explore, work and write about all these things:
Life isn't always glitter and confetti, but it also isn't always a storm. As a creative and small business owner, I love sharing my life's challenges and adventures. A lot of it has to do with anxiety, self-doubt, marriage, being a mom of two cats and how sometimes I love and hate London. A lot of it will also be about how much I miss and don't miss Lisbon.
It isn't easy being a freelancer and small business owner, but I also wouldn't have it any other way! This will be a space to share my tips (and welcome yours) on how to market business, do social media, deal with loving and bully clients. My secrets on how to stay sane, get inspired, find discipline, get things done and also procrastinate in style. 
My world evolves mainly around photography. 
It's not only what pays my bills but also one of my lifetime passions. Here I share posts with inspiration, tips on how to get better at this craft and learn to enjoy it while giving you my most precious skill ever: dealing with clients. 
Also, I am very passionate about helping you find your own style.
I am very excited to show you my side of London, as together we unveil it and its secrets.
I am an explorer by nature, and I believe more than showing you what I see, I want to try to make you experience it!
If you didn't know, I am a huge feminist. This category is focused on female empowerment and girl power.
Everything that inspires me. Be it videos, a quote, someone's small business, a person or group of people. This category is designed to make your day when you most need it.
Alternative London, an alternative way to do something, say something, be something. Showing you that some rules are meant to be broken. And that there is not just one correct way.
I am a passionate for photography, travelling and telling stories. This is where you keep up with my recommendations to everywhere I go, my view of things and hopefully it will be like you were there too.
I am a vegetarian, so everything I'll share here is green #foodporn
  • Where to eat
Recommendations on rad places where I had superb food, so that you can go too!
I love dressing up!
Things that I see and wish I'd have, but I'll just stare at them and share it all with you!

I hope these highlights haven't scared you, but made you want to stay longer!
I sure am excited to have you here... Hopefully we'll be able to inspire each other (I am very open to comments and talking about everything) and enlarge this beautiful creative community we started 9 years ago with Doce para o meu Doce.

(Top photo of me by João Almeida!)